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About Me . . . or is it? You are on the internet hoping to find someone you can depend on to help you in Marietta with a real estate transaction, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, am I right?? Or maybe you are new to the Metro Atlanta area and you really don’t know where you want to live, or who to Trust to help you.

Imagine how great it would feel to pick up the phone to text or call an agent more interested in Your outcome than their income. If that is you, you’ve come to the right page.

Making sure clients find what they are looking for, at a price they are comfortable with, on their time table as Buyers, Sellers, or Investors, is why I am in business. I LOVE this stuff! You temporarily become a part of my team and I become part of your support system.

Happy Marietta Buyer

Every adult and most children have made a move from one home to another. My story is no different, but my last move changed my life. In 1999 the internet and Realtor.com were just beginning to come into our homes. I decided to help my agent find our next house. After a successful move, my husband said something like “Hey, you were good at that, you should help other people buy and sell houses!”
I’m older and wiser, but still love helping people find their perfect house. I tell you it never gets old (or ordinary).

Besides Houses I have 4 other loves
  • GOD – yep Top #1 above all. That shapes who I am and how I work and relate to people.
  • FAMILY – Perfect, Supportive husband who encouraged me to start a great career. 3 Wonderful kids and the world’s best Grandkids
  • MUSIC – Monday Nights, Sundays and most any time I’m not real estating (not a word, but you get it) I’m enjoying the oboe career that wasn’t (if you want to know more about that, let me be your agent, we need something to talk about during those drives between houses).
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels – The World’s Best Dog Breed
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Luke Skywalker Swanson

Thanks for dropping by. Bookmark this site and come back to search for your next home, or find great information about our area or check out the blog for useful home ownership information. You never know what you might find as you click around. Finally I hope you know I’m here if you need me!

Let’s Get Moving!

– MaKay

MaKay Swanson

Our Mission

The mission of the MaKay Swanson Real Estate Team is to provide an experience that allows our client to move through their transactions knowing their needs are understood, and their goals are the Priority.

Core Values

  • Never Pressure
  • Guide with Integrity
  • Deliver Wow Level Service
  • Always demonstrate how much we care
  • Treat everyone as if they are the only one